Engine Suspension Brakes Wheels & Tires Safety Interior Body Front Compartment DriveTrain

The transmission is an Ultra Close four speed by Bob Coffin. The ratios are;

First = 2.1:1, second = 1.5:1, third = 1.25:1 and fourth is 1:1.

The shifter was rebuilt with Clark’s metal bushing kit and aluminum billet coupling with a new clevis pin. The outer shifter tube is removed as are the stabilizer. bushings were used on the shifter stabilizer rod.

A quick shift kit that came with the car was also mounted.


The fly wheel is a stock lightened and balanced unit with a six puck ceramic solid clutch disc with no center springs. The heavy duty pressure plate is also lightened and balanced and a new throw out bearing and clutch pilot bearing are installed. All new bolts were used in both.

Back to Race Vair Transaxle

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The differential is either a 3.89 Positraction set up by Bob Coffin or a 3:55 Posi set up by David Clemens. The cover is a finned aluminum piece from Clarks with extended vent.  


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