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At this point the body of the car has not changed to any great degree.

The paint is holding up but it is acquiring a race patina as expected. Lots of little dings and scratches from racing and garage bumps.

No Paint

I have replaced some vinyl decals and added a few from the original look. Number changes from time to time are required depending on if you get your entry in early or there are people with permanent numbers and you have to change yours. I do a temporary change when needed but the number 36 will always be there.

No Wipers

Click on image for more body photos.

Click on Image for more Wiper Removal photos.

I did finally eliminate the windshield wiper and motor. As Mike Levine says, “Real race cars don’t have wipers”!

Front glass was replaced with a Lexan copy with a special hard coating.

Lexan Door Window

Click on Image for more photos of side windows.

I changed my Lexan side and quarter windows for better travel. The door windows would not stay in place during travel.

I replaced the inboard taillights with a aluminum plate.

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